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Tue, Jul. 16th, 2013, 04:05 pm
cassiehicks89: I am looking for a Chicago-bound reporter who covers ALL kinds of soaps.....

Say, twopfans, I'm looking for a Chicago-bound journalist, or reporter, who covers each and every kind of soap operas, as well as ALL kinds of music. Not only that, I'd love to have that someone who can give me a free interview about my three topics, which I've had in mind for years, that have a lot to do with soap opera stars as well as music. And, speaking of soap opera stars, I'd love to hear them sing, sign a recording contract in their show's state, and pour their current storylines into their songs, the way that we soap opera fans can relate. Also, I'd love to have them collaborate with lots of music acts that I care about. Heck, I'd love to have many of my favorite singers to appear on "All My Children", where any young, middle-aged, or mature  character can sing a duet with her, or him. If you know that journalist who lives in Chicago and is an entertainment professional, please, feel free to comment under my post, and I'll be happy. Thank you very much.